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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

We started our holiday with a nice morning walk through a flea market. It was rather cold this morning. In fact, Spring seems to be on a holiday! No matter, it was something nice to do and we both enjoy it.

It wasn't as large as it normally is, probably due to the cold temps and the fact that it's a holiday but I still managed to find some goodies:

Vintage Jewelry 1

Pretty vintage jewelry pieces to use as embellishments!

Now, you're probably wondering what I'll be using these on:

Vintage Jewelry 2

Take a guess! If you think about what I see them as, you'll know the answer!!!

I also found these earrings which aren't really old but they were loaded with charms:

Vintage Jewelry 3

Personally, I can't imagine wearing these but the charms will work nicely on crazy quilts!

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday!


The Mad Stitcher said...

Pam. I love vintage jewelry also. Great finds! When I look at the black earrings I see squid! I think these would look great on a seascape.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Those black earrings look like peacock tails to me... ;-)

coral-seas said...

I see the tendrils of a jelly fish :)

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