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Friday, February 23, 2007

Teddy Bear Cellphone Pouch Update

I only had about 2 hours of stitching time yesterday. I went for groceries in the morning and then did the machine finishing on my Red Hat Lady purse and the Spring Chick cellphone pouch. I still have the handwork to do on those which I have scheduled for over the weekend.

In only two hours, I did manage to get some beads on this:

Teddy With Hat Cellphone Pouch

I went through my package of feathers but no purple. So guess what I did? Yes, I soaked a white feather in purple dye and what came of that is the loveliest shade of lavender! I used my blow dryer to fluff it up and now it's ready for attaching to the hat. I'll have to cut it up a bit as it's way too big for the little bear but I'm sure I can make that work. If all goes well, I expect to have that attached for tomorrow's update.

I've been hearing that some of you were quite amused by my "duh" moment! Thinking about it, I'm still rather amused myself. I really wonder where my brain is sometimes!!!


Susan said...

Oh, he looks wonderful - all sparkly. I'll bet the feather will be the crowning touch . . . so to speak. =) Or is it she?

loulee1 said...

I just love beddy tears!!

That looks good Pam, if it was not already sold..............

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