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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Blackwork Peacock Purse Stitching Complete!

I know many of you are probably waiting anxiously to see this:

Blackwork Peacock Purse

This has been such a joy to stitch! A bit challenging too in trying to balance the design using black, gold and silver do-dads. If you look closely, I did manage to add quite a few more beads!

The fabrics on this piece include: Brocade, Silk, Taffeta, Sequined Bridal Lace and a gorgeous heavy cotton with fine metallic gold threads.

The peacock body was hand-embroidered using DMC Cotton Floss in Long & Short stitches. I then outlined the body with Kreinik Silver Ombre and highlighted it with Kreinik Silver Blending Filament. The tail is done with black eyelash yarn couched on. The jewelry piece is a vintage pin. I cut the pinback off of it using wire cutters to make it lay flat. The "eyes" in the tail feathers are pearly sequins and small pearl beads.

I worked the spiderweb with 1 strand of DMC black cotton floss, the spider legs are Kreinik Gold Ombre and the spider body are done with 2 pearl beads from a vintage necklace.

The black seed beads on the fan stitch beneath my signature cat are vintage as are the small white pearls and end caps on the fan stitch beneath the large gold fan.

The "berries" on the vine with the gold butterfly charm are black Swarovski Crystals.

I was asked if I would post a photo of this peacock piece along with the white peacock purse so here you go Geri, it's my pleasure:

Peacock Purses

Click on either photo to go to my Flickr site where you can see a larger version.

My plan for today is to do the finishing on both of these purses. I've also had a request for another Blackwork Cellphone Pouch so I'll be piecing that block today as well. As soon as I have these completed, I'll post another photo.


Kim said...


The stitching turned out stunning! Loulee is going to be thrilled! I love all the sparklies and variety of materials used for this one.

I can completely understand why you've gotten another order for a blackwork piece. Wouldn't be at all surprised if you get a couple more.

Thanks for keeping us enthralled with your gorgeous work!


loulee1 said...

You said it Kim! I'm pickled Tink!! Yippie. Thank you sooooo much Pam.

Anonymous said...

I think this is absolutely gorgeous. You have done a wonderful job.


Geri said...

Gorgeous! I'm constantly amazed at how a few color changes can bring about a whole other feeling ... Thank you for putting up the pic for me ... I really enjoy seeing those contrasts ... Marvelous!

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