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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quick Question For Crazy Quilters

How many of you use commercial inkjet fabric sheets or other fabric transfer methods? I need some feedback on this because I'd like to offer a new "detail" idea but I need to make sure that it's something do-able for everyone.

Please leave a comment for me here or at my Flickr site or you could send me an email if you like.
Anyone can post to my blog now so please let me know.


Marty52 said...

I've only done it twice and both times I used the commercial sheets. I wasn't very happy with the result and would love to hear what you do in this area. Pretty please?!?

Susan said...

I haven't, but I could. My best friend transferred photos of all the students from my last 3 years teaching (it was the same group each year) to a quilt top for me when I retired. She liked it, used something commercial, had Kinkos print them.

Linda said...

I use the ink jet printer on fabric all the time for making labels. I make my own fabric sheets using bubble jet. Also made a Tshirt quilt using the photos made with bubble jet transfer. It is quick, easy and good results.
Pam, your designs are great. I have made the rabbit and looking forward to working on other designs. GREAT SITE.....
Linda, A QuayZQuilter

Freda butler said...

Hi Pam

I have been printing clip art and various pictures on my computer for a few years. I have used both fabric I have treated and fabric bought on the roll at JoAnnes. It comes in either silk or cotton and both are good.

Thank you Pam for all the wonderful designs you have made available to us. I am going to do a peacock one of these days.

Thanks again FredaB (another Chicagoan from the Northwest suburbs)

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