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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Huge Fabric Store In Paducah Kentucky

We left Louisville on Sunday afternoon and drove 4 hours southwest to Paducah Kentucky. I wanted to see "Hancock's Of Paducah" an absolutely, unbelievably huge fabric store. And boy, was it ever huge! Imagine a store the size of WalMart filled with row after row of fabric bolts!

Hancocks 1

You can see me in the back wearing my beloved Chicago Cubs shirt!

Hancocks 2

I stood in the doorway and felt like I was in fabric heaven! It was so wonderful and overwhelming, I had to walk the store once just to see everything before deciding on what goodies I needed to bring home.

Hancocks 3

Actually, I didn't need to bring any goodies home as I have more fabric than I know what to do with! But for obvious reasons, I couldn't leave without something fun! So I bought these pieces:

Hancocks 4

Click on any of the pictures to see larger versions at my Flickr page.

As I said yesterday, Kentucky is so incredibly beautiful and the people are just as nice as pie! I agreed to go back next Summer for the 2007 Streetrod Nationals.

Thank you to everyone who told me that the seedpods I posted yesterday were Buckeyes. We were facinated with them! Thank you everyone!


May Britt said...

I understand you feeling being in fabric heaven. Have to chose between so much!!!! We have a little quiltshop in my town. Perhaps Norways biggest. You can see from "my" shop in my blog.
You did not buy a log there LOL Was it difficult to choose. LOL

Anonymous said...

Several years ago we traveled from Missouri to Georgia and was able to stop at Hancock's of Paducah. I remember gliding through the aisles, wide-eyed and feeling disoriented! LOL I didn't buy much either, as my stash was overflowing even back then, but I did bring home a few souvenirs! Later that day it was on to the Museum of the American Quilter and I knew then I really had died and went to quilting heaven! :-)

Susan said...

Beautiful fabrics! That is an amazing store! Your photos really get across how big it is. I have friends who "do" Paducah ever year and that is always one of their stops.

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