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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

100 Details In 100 Days - Day 43

Motif Embroidered Butterfly
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Today's detail is a simple little butterfly design for you to embroider. You can trace it onto your fabric and then work it into your foundation or you can trace it onto tissue paper, pin that to your block and stitch it.

This can be worked with embroidery floss or you can do the wings with perle cotton. I would satin stitch the body and the spots on the wings but you could use beads there instead. Try adding a seed bead to the ends of wing lines.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be away from my computer starting tomorrow and will return on Tuesday 8/8. I have my details all worked up for the next few days and will post them this afternoon.

When I return, I'll be drafting up several more of Gina's peacocks from her vintage linen collection. She has some gorgeous peacocks at her new blog! Click here to take a peek!

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