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Friday, September 30, 2005

All That Jazz Help Needed

Well, as you can see, I haven't gotten very far on this yet. So far, I have the basting stitch along the outside so I don't put beads too close to where the seam will be. And that's about it!

I'd like to ask you, my readers, what should I do with this? I've been staring at it for 3 days now! Usually, I just jump right into a CQ block. They're very spontaneous (and I am not a spontaneous type of person) but I can usually just go with the flow of them. For some reason, I'm at a loss as to what to do with this one.

I'm very nature oriented. I love doing vines and flowers. Will that work with this theme? I would like to do a mask in the gold patch. I think that would be a good place to start but what else?

Remember, I have those cute little music themed buttons that my mom found for me and I plan to paint the instruments with my gold paint pen.

Chris suggested some butterflies too. I love butterflies and I think I can work them into this but I'm open to any ideas that anyone is willing to share with me. I'm really itching to start on this and sometimes, that's the hardest part!


Gina E. said...

A Peacock maybe? Nah, they probably don't have 'em down in New Orleans anyway...What about a kind of silhouette of some jazz musicians?
By the way Pam, I have put some more Aussie bird pics on Patra's Other Place.

Cathy said...

When I think of New Orleans I think of balcony's with wrought iron railings dripping with bouganville flowers.


Chloe said...

I think you have hit the block I did for a while too - I wanted to do something beautiful, but really wasn't taken with the motifs suggested (Tabasco bottles?)

So I took the flowers (roses, wisteria and irises got mentioned most), and the cast iron, and went from there. I still have a mask up my sleeve, but hopefully a beautiful one. There may yet be some music.

Others are doing lovely work, but we have been asked to do our own work, and becasue we always DO do our own work, not the imitation of others.

(Would you believe the word verification I have to type for this one is dxilyn? I am always looking for words to happen, and this is almost "Dixie-Linda"

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