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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A New Additon To Our Vintage Style Towel Challenge

We have another towel to see today! This is Laren's towel from a vintage Vogart pattern. You may remember that I stitched this set myself earlier this Summer! Isn't it beautiful? Laren used a few different colors than I did. It's so interesting to see the same pattern worked by two different stitchers!


Laren is going to do the complete set so be sure to visit her Needle's Excellency Blog for updates. Laren has also acquired a few new vintage Vogart patterns if you're interested in seeing them.

Thank you Laren for joining in on the challenge and for allowing me to share your stitching with my readers. Your towel is beautiful!


Gina E. said...

Another gorgeous tea towel! I am loving the tea towels that have been submitted so far, Pam! Are you going to make up some kind of photo album where people can go and look at all of them at once?

Sandra said...

Thanks for posting these designs. Do you know anyone who has been working on the "Bee" Vogart 293 designs?

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