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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mom's Apron Challenge

My mom does alot of sewing. She likes to make traditional patchwork quilts. Several weeks back, she was in between projects and just wasn't sure what she wanted to do next. So, I offered her a challenge which I knew would be no problem for her to do!

I suggested that she make a vintage style apron. The aprons my mom currently uses are quite worn out and since she has been talking about making a few new ones, I thought this would be a fun and quick project for her.

This is what my mom did:


IT's so pretty! I think she used a vintage pattern (which I'm sure wasn't vintage when she bought it). And she did transfer design with some crayon tinting.

Here's a closeup of her stitching:


I don't think the transfer design is vintage, not sure where mom found this pattern, but I love the apron she made for herself!


Janet said...

Absolutely gorgeous Pam! So the creativity runs in the family...She did a wonderful job with it.

~Vicki said...

I love your mom's apron...very sweet! The embroidery is beautiful.

Gina E. said...

You are so lucky to have your Mum still able to share these interests with you, Pam. Her apron is just delightful. My Mum died when she was 57, but had been disabled for years before that, so was never able to show me how to knit or sew, although she encouraged me to learn at school. My MIL is now 92 and of course her failing sight and arthritis prevent her from actually doing any craft stuff, but again, she loves to see what I am doing, and she still has lots of things around her house that she made years ago.

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