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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Email on Chicken Scratch

As per my daily routine, I got up this morning, had my cup of coffee, watched the weather and when my husband left for work, I came in here to read my email and my favorite blogs.

Due to spam and viruses and all those nasty things, I do my email web based first. I delete the stuff that I know is junk before allowing my real email to come into my mail reader.

Well for some reason, I must have forgotten to reboot my brain today and accidently deleted an email with the words "Chicken Scratch" in the subject line. I noticed it just as I clicked the delete buttton and then it was gone with no way to get it back.

So, if any of my readers here, sent me an email regarding Chicken Scratch, could I please ask you to forgive my malfunctioning brain and resend it to me? I promise, I'll be more careful next time and double check before I click "delete"!


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