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Monday, August 08, 2005

Bargin Appliques

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
My mom was out and about last week and in her craft/sewing supply travels found these beautiful Venice Lace Appliques for my Crazy Quilting! What a bargin at only $1.00 each!

As I mentioned last week, I have some cross stitch design work that I'm doing for Zweigart. They have lovely products to work with and I truly enjoy being able to look at and hold these beautiful textiles.

With my current work schedule, my stitching time has been cut back just a bit. I have been stitching, working on a few gifts, but it's a bit slow going at the moment.

I'm so looking forward to getting back to my Crazy Quilting. As you know, I've aquired some new beads and now with these Venice lace pieces, the desire to do CQing is even stronger! The Harvest Peacock block is calling me and now I have been inspired to do a Peacock In The Snow block. Can't remember if I've mentioned that or not! Anyway, the ideas always come to me faster than I can do them!

1 comment:

sharonb said...

Boy! what a bargain - CQ is addictive isn't it? I am wondering why when I range over a number different projects it still comes back to Crazy quilting gald to hear that there are others in the same boat!

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