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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Apron Patterns

Scott and I just got back from our favorite Flea Market and Antique Show just over the border in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. We walked 1/2 the market and I was starting to get discouraged. Until that point, we had found a whole lot of nothin! And then suddenly, as if something magical happened, patterns started showing up! Apron patterns and iron-on transfers galore! I couldn't believe all the great stuff we found! Which of course, I'll share with you over the next few days.

I'll start with these cute vintage apron patterns:


I'm not sure what year this McCalls pattern is from. The back of the envelope is missing. The pattern is complete but cut and there's a newspaper clipping inside dated 1957.


This pattern was a send away design. It didn't come with an envelope and there is no copyright date on it. The pattern is cut but is complete.


Another send away pattern without an envelop or copyright date.


Again, a send away pattern but this one has an envelope. I guess they weren't too worried about copyrights back then as again, there is no date on this one. It came from "Everywoman's Pattern Service" in New York City.


Last but not least, another mail away pattern for 2 aprons. I really wish these were dated. There's no postmark on any of the envelopes. This one was never cut! It came from the "The Pattern Bureau Fashion Service" in New York City.

There's one more pattern in the batch but it doesn't have a photo so it's a "mystery" pattern! Guess I'll have to make it to see what it looks like!

I paid only $2.00 for all of these patterns!

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