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Friday, August 26, 2011

Halloween Crazy Quilt Door Pillow

Buenos Diaz Mi Amigas!  I finally finished up on my Halloween Crazy Quilt Door Pillow!

It's so bright and cheery!  And it's really starting to feel less like Summer and more like Fall now.  We've already had to pick some of our pumpkins from our pumpkin patch so the critters don't have them for lunch!  I'll be getting out my little decorative scarecrows this weekend and a few of my other Fall things.

I confess, as much as I usually love Summer, I've had enough of the terrible thunderstorms and the bugs for one season.  The mosquitos are horrendous this year!  We don't dare leave our deck without one of our little OFF Clip On thingy's or we'll get devoured by those little vampires!

So what am I working on now?  I've been terribly restless lately, probably due to withdrawals from the medication I've been on.  I'm having a terrible time sitting still and although I have a commission piece to do, I thought I'd stitch up a few of my little cat dolls first.  I did get my winter crazy quilt project all set up to start on but I won't start on that until late October.  I will share pictures with you soon.  So in the meantime, a new litter of kittens are coming!


Trisha said...

Pam, beautiful work on your Halloween hanging pillow. I have to wonder though, how in the world do you keep everything organized? I mostly work with whites and cream colors and have a hard time with just those shades. Do you have any secret tips on organizing your embroidery supplies?

Have a Great Day,
Trisha Evans
A Vintage White

Mary Ivancicts said...

Love the witch door hanger! Glad to see you back!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Kathy, seems like you are having a tough time. I get bitten by mosquitos too..on the ankles.Drives you Crazy!!
Hope the med's settle down soon.
I'm off for a bit of knee surgery next week.I'm going to miss a week of glorious Spring weather.Grrr.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I do like your pillow - the little witch is so sweet.

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