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Friday, October 15, 2010

Guest Blogger - Lilla Levine

I first saw Lilla's work at Art-E-Zine.  I was blown away!  I loved her textile art and her use of dyed lace!  Lilla's work was a huge inspiration to me and a big part of my desire to try crazy quilting.  Something that is unique to Lilla is that she lives in Hawaii.  When I invited Lilla to be my guest blogger this week, I asked if she would talk about living and crafting in the beautiful state of Hawaii and she graciously agreed.  Please welcome Lilla Levine!

Hawaii, Islands in the remote Pacific ocean.

Aloha, I'm Lilla.
I live in the Islands of Hawaii.
I am sure most people know the tourist attractions and palms waving photos, easily found in travel ads.

Tourist Hawaii ,we call it, and most famously that means Waikiki.
Very friendly and fun, they enjoy sharing their studio and their products.

My first stop, was a quaint little shop and studio, where all sorts of classes take place.
I sometimes teach there too.
Some goodies made by we artists who enjoy the ambiance there.
After a short stop I had coffee at a pretty cafe, passing a local spot with workers having their break.
This is the place to by beads and lace and ribbon and trinkets galore.                                                                                    
Aloha and Mahalo Lilla

I'd like to thank Lilla Levine for taking the time to write this guest post.  I hope you enjoyed visiting Hawaii and Lilla's post on living in this beautiful state.  Please visit Lilla's blog to see some of her gorgeous textile art!  And then hop over to Lilla's Etsy shop to see what she offers there. 

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agypsyangel said...

Beautiful, I think I am moving :)

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