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Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Fiber Art Cuff Bracelets

The newest additions to my little corner of Etsy:

Lots of different fabrics, beads and embellishments.  I have got to make some more of these!  I can see them for all the different holidays and with a huge variety of themes.

I used elastic inside so there's no fiddling with fasteners.  They stay put!

In other news, I've been asked by several of my readers to do some articles on Crazy Quilting For Newbies.  Gladly!  I'll start on that series in the next week or so.  I've been working diligently at mom's on a variety of projects and haven't had time for much stitching lately.  But I'm itching to get back to it and I can most definitely feel the need for some down time.  Quiet, sit on my butt and stitch time!  Just me, my cats & my TV.

I'll be taking my laptop over to mom's today so she can write her Creatively Coping With Bi-Polar article.  I'll upload that as soon as we have it ready.

Tomorrow, Kathi and I are going to another fiber show.  I haven't used anything that I bought at the fiber show last week!  But Kathi and I look at this way, we're like chipmunks stocking up for Winter!  LOL!!!


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

ooh so pretty ! I'm making some cuff bracelets but yours look so soft and lovely.
My kitties like to "help" me. bet you get lots of help too :))


Carol said...

The cuffs are FABULOUS. Tell your mom hi for us.

MosaicMagpie said...

HOORAY for the new to CQ tutorial that is upcoming!!! Big Smile

debi said...

Oooooh! Your cuff bracelets are beautiful! Love, love the pretty colors!!!

Linden said...

More breathtakingly beautiful work!!

Looking forward to reading your crazy quilting posts; with the autumn nights drawing in I might actually get back into it.

I just love your comment about being like chipmunks, it's the sort of thing I tell my husband, lol! He doesn't believe me, though...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I would have a totally tough time wearing one of those bracelets because I would be constantly fondling it. I absolutely have to touch things that have texture - taking me into a fabric shop (or a dress shop) just means I have to feel all the fabrics. It not only has to look good but the texture has to be touchable. Your cuffs are full of great texture and I couldn't help myself.

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Kim your cuffs are to dye for, Yummy Yum Yum. I'm so looking forward to your write up on crazy quilting for newbies. I'd love to learn how, YEAH!!!!!
Your trip with your friend sounded like a wonderful time too.

Tracy wright said...

These are amazing. I make fabric cuff bracelets too, but your colours are just amazing :) love them.

Tracy wright said...

Can i also ask as im intrigued, how you used elastic inside the cuff. I have my own unique way of fastening the cuffs i make, with an elastic hairband and use a brooch as a fastening which enables the cuff to be made smaller, but im really intrigued as to how elastic can be used.

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