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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy Garden Quilt Blocks And More!

Grab a cup of tea and a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy!  I have loads of things to share today with lots of eye-candy pictures!

First, I finished up the stitching on Block #9 of my Crazy Garden Quilt:

Floral Crazy Quilt Block 9

I added the second Hummingbird a vintage bee pin that I bought at a flea market awhile back.

And here are all 9 blocks together:

Flower Quilt Blocks

I just have to find some elegant pink fabric that I like and I can put it together.  I'm really looking forward to hanging this in my Living Room.  As much as I love my Lucky quilt, it's time to look at something new for awhile.

Lucky Crazy Quilt

I'll let you know when I find the perfect pink fabric.  Ya'll know, the border has to be pink!  I must say, this project certainly helped me to get through the Winter months.  Now that it's Spring, I'm looking forward to making a few new purses and some other fun projects.  And since this project helped to get through this past Winter, I already have a project picked out to help me get through next Winter.  But I'll share that one when we get to October.
For now, I thought I'd share today's Flea Market treasures with you.  Scott and I picked Mom up at 8:00 am and we headed out to Grayslake for the Flea Market & Antique Show.  Dad isn't into junkin' like we are.  He's usually bored there but Mom loves it and always seems to have a good time.

Anyway, first I found this big chunky tassels:

Flea Market 1

Wait until you see what I'm going to do with these!  And yes, glitter will be involved!

Next, I found this great glittery dress piece:

Flea Market 2

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to use as is or if I'm going to take the beads and rhinestones off and just use them.  I have to think about it some more yet.  It was so sparkly I just couldn't pass it by.

I also found a doll head & hands, 2 embroidered napkins and a really pretty and unusual applique.  I'm sure you know those napkins will be cut up and used in something.  They were only $1 each and I thought they were so pretty!

Flea Market 3

Then I found 2 really pretty vintage hankies.  One has roses on it (I love pink) and the other one has flowers on it that made me think of the 4th of July:

Flea Market 4

Flea Market 5

I haven't decided on what I'll do with these yet.  Just add them to my stash for now.  I have a beautiful collection of vintage hankies but it just doesn't stop me from buying more when I see ones that I like.

I also found a beautiful vintage crocheted doily that I only paid 25 cents for but it needed a good washing so it's currently drying and needs to be pressed.  I think I'll just use that somewhere in my house.  It has those little roses crocheted on it but they're not quite pink.  More of a salmon color.  Quite antique looking and I couldn't pass that by for only 25 cents!

A now, for the latest creations from Mom and I!

These beautiful floral boxes, based on those little Victorian images of gift boxes, filled with flowers and doves sitting on top were lovingly made by Mom:
Bird On Box

I just think these are so pretty!  And of course they have glitter on them!

Next, my Cherub Trinket Box:

Cherub Trinket Box

I love making these!  What a lovely gift this would make along with a pretty piece of jewelry.  

I also did some gift tags yesterday at Mom's:

For You Tags

These are fun to make too.  The flowers came from a vintage greeting card.  The gold mesh is vintage too.  Scott's step mom found it for me at a garage sale.  She also picked up a roll of silver vintage mesh.

Last but not least, my Piece De Resistance:


A birdbath made from a vintage green glass candy dish!  It's one of a kind.  I picked up the candy dish awhile back and have been looking at it for a few weeks.  Suddenly, it looked like a birdbath to me so that's what I created with it.  

I can't tell you much fun it is to play with vintage items, thrift shop finds and yard sale do-dads.  I love to transform ordinary objects into new things and I love to re-purpose items.

For so many years, I wanted to work more with my hands.  I've always said, give me a pile of craft supplies and I will make something incredible with it.  Sitting behind the computer for so many hours a day didn't leave me with much time for doing crafts or art.  I was lucky to have time to stitch for myself.  Well, this past year has kind of taught me that you really have to do what you love and this is what I love doing.

These creations and more can be found here.

Have a great evening everyone!


marilynneq said...

Pam, Your quilt blocks are stunning and can't wait until you post it completed. Your birdbath is adorable..I have some of my GM's old glassware items and I'm going in the garage tomorrow and dig them out. Thanks for posting ur "finds". I will be glad when it warms up again so I can hit the outdoor flea market on the mtn and yard sales in Chatt..Marilynne in TN

Jan said...

So many beautiful things - you really do have a wonderful gift . Thank you for sharing some of it with us.
Enjoy the brightness (I told you you'd reach the light !)

Connie said...

I hope you know how lucky you are to be able to enjoy your crafts with your Mom. I wish I could join in -- it looks like you both have a ball! I love your CQ blocks.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You surround yourself with such beauty, Pam!
I SO love your Spring quilt...

Cathy K said...

Oh girlfriend, you must be on top of the world. Like Connie says, you are so lucky to be able to craft with your mom. And your spring blocks are absolutely dazzling - that's the only word that describes them - DAZZLING!! And my most favorite thing is your birdbath!! OMG, that is too cute. And I think I've got one of those glass things stored here somewhere... consider your idea, uh, "borrowed", ggggg!! You are truly amazing. I'll shut up now... babbling on here.... Hugs, Cathy

Magpie's Mumblings said...

That birdbath is absolutely beyond cute! As soon as I saw the chunky tassels I immediately thought of little dolls (I 'see' their heads at the top and the rest of the tassel as their dress). Your spring quilt is looking great! btw...Jack has seen TWO robins and I have yet to see even one (waah).

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