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Friday, January 16, 2009

Easter Purse

Well, it's minus 17 degrees outside but it is bright and sunny! Isn't January over with yet?!

I finished up my little cat doll for The Comfort Doll Project:

Comfort Doll CQ Cat

I need to get me in a sewing day. I have 4 purses to put together now and 3 Comfort Dolls! I was planning on doing finishing this weekend but I think my in-laws are coming so it might have to wait until during the week.

This morning, I started on an Easter purse:

Easter Purse

Doesn't it feel good just to look at this? So Springy! This is how I deal with the Winter season. I focus on Spring.

Honestly ladies, I don't know where to store anymore purses! I have so many now and they're everywhere. In my closet, in my nightstand and in my dresser. I can't help myself, I love them and it's so much fun to have seasonal purses as well as purses to match some of my outfits. Ok, so this time of year, they don't have to match my outfits, they just have to match my coat which they all do because it's black.

Ok, I'm rambling now. Sorry, cabin fever. I haven't been out since Monday!

Anyway, here are pages 33 & 34 of my 1936 Herrschner's Catalog:

1936 Herrschners Catalog Page 33

1936 Herrschners Catalog Page 34

There's only a few more pages to go on this catalog and then we'll move on to another catalog or a booklet. I didn't realize I had so many fun things to share!



Kim said...


I love the dramatic coloring on your comfort kitty, and absolutely love the pink lace in your Easter purse. Looking forward to seeing your purse completed.

Hope you're staying warm.

AngelDoll said...

And I LOVE the pink lace too. After seeing your post, I was inspired to do some sewing...thinking spring of course. It is warmer today but such a long winter...thank goodness for hobbies.
Happy Spring to you Pam. Thank you for your site.

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