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Monday, June 23, 2008

June Take It Further Challenge Completed!

I just finished up on my June Take It Further Challenge block a little while ago:

June TIF Block Completed

I don't think I accomplished my mission here to pile it up with stash though. My story is, I have quite a lot but I need to keep these all working together and this one, at this point, works perfectly with the others so I will let it be now.

My stash consists of a wide variety of do-dads so I tried to use some unusual things on here such as the peacock feather. The millinery flowers and velvet leaves are vintage as are the earrings on either side of the flowers. The tatting is also vintage.

To read my first post on the June block regarding my theme for Sharon's concept, please click here.

I haven't decided what to do next. I have gobs of things I want to do including some ATC's. Will have to do some treadling for those!


Cheryl said...

I love the peacock feather and vintage millenary treatment. I'm interested in knowing how you secured the feather and whether you treated it with anything special to get it to fan out and lay flat as nicely as it does...

Mermaid's Purse said...

Beautiful work and so inspirational - thanks for sharing it all.

kim said...

Your peacock block turned out great! I love all the green!


miekenoor said...

What a beauty this is, I can see 'have a long way to go! But it's a nice way I guess, I enjoy it very much and I can see you do too.!

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