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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cellphone Pouch For Mom Completed!

Well, I ran my sewing machines today! Whew! That felt good. I finished this cellphone pouch up for my mom:

Cellphone Pouch For Mom

I also sewed up some button blocks and my TIF block for June. I'll have that photo for you tomorrow. I decided to glue the peacock feather on using fabric glue. It shouldn't go anywhere now but it has to dry before I scan it.


patternnuts said...

But. But. But it's simple! *gasp*
It looks great. I am sure your machine needed some quality time.

Kim said...

Very pretty! Your mom is going to love it!


~Julie~ said...

Oh my GOSH PAM!!!! THAT IS GORGEOUS! I wish I could do things like that. lol I can't sew for squat. But that is just....*thud*. It's awesome!!!!!

Who needs a "cool looking cell phone" when they have a cell phone pouch like THAT? =)


Anonymous said...

Her mother does love it. Take it from her dad.

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