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Friday, January 19, 2007

The White Peacock Purse and More!

Well, as planned, I completed the stitching on this last night:

The White Peacock Purse

I added my spider to the bottom left-hand corner and then highlighted the peacock's wing with a bit of metallic silver thread. That seems to bring it out a bit more and I must say, this so pretty!

I do think we need to take a moment when looking at our work and give ourselves a pat on the back sometimes. I'm still amazed with what comes out of my head and through my needle! And I don't think there's anything wrong with congradulating ourselves for our accomplishments! I love this piece and will have a hard time parting with it.

Susan asked me what the little flowers are that I used on the vine to the right of the peaocock. Those are just lavender colored flower sequins held in place with a few petite delica beads.

My next project will be a cellphone pouch:

Seascape Cellphone Pouch

It doesn't look like much now. It's simply a painted dryer sheet ironed on to the foundation using Heat & Bond. Notice the transparent quality that it has! Wait till you see what I'm going to do with this. I plan to start on it later today.

In the meantime, today is another finishing day. At least the machine finishing. On Wednesday, I assembled the Purple Painted Lady purse and the Green & Yellow Rose purse. Oh, did they come out nice! I used purse frames for them and only have the hand finishing left to do. I should have photos in the next couple of days.

Today, I'll be doing the machine finishing on the Pansy Purse. Again, I'll be putting it on a purse frame. I also need to finish my little Valentine Cupid Doorknocker.

Last of the news for today, I recently came accross a huge batch of beautiful upholstry fabric samples. There was way more there than I will ever use so I put some in my Etsy shop.

Upholstry 1

I hope someone can use them. Beautiful colors and textures! I can see these worked into crazyquilts or used for contempory embroidered pieces. Perfect too for the background on fabric postcards! I'm itching to do some more of those!

Ok everyone, I'm off to run my sewing machine. See ya tomorrow!


Allison said...

I have to know: are those white roses on the right artificial flowers?

Gerry said...

WOW!!!!!!! The spider is a nice touch. Gotta love the kitty, too.

patternnuts said...

I just love all the purples in the peacock!
Congrats on another very happy dance!

Gail said...

I adore this block, well truth be known I adore all of your work, but, I adore this one alot.
I hope I can be as good as you when I get to be a grown up stitcher. :-)

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