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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We Have A Winner!!!

Well, I checked the times on yesterday's comments as well as a couple of emails that I received from readers who have trouble posting to my blog and the winner is, Gail who posted at 11:23 yesterday (Monday) morning.

Yes, the focal point is a peacock:

Green And Purple Block

I sent ya'll over to my Flickr site thinking you'd find the photos of my other peacock pieces. I like to use vintage jewelry as part of the tail feathers.

On this one, I did the tail feathers a bit different than I have in the past. I used white eyelash yarn, couched it on and used some clear pearly sequins to add sparkle. Then I added some large dark green seed beads for the eyes in the tail feathers. I had wanted to use crystals but I didn't have any in emerald green.

If you look closely at the jewelry piece, I altered it a bit. I cut that loop off of it. That part sat over the wing and I didn't like the way it looked so I just grabbed my wire cutters and cut it off!

After getting the peacock stitched on to this block, which took most of yesterday afternoon, I decided that the rose applique was too much. It overpowers this little guy so I'll be leaving it off and doing something else with that seam.

So, Gail who commented at 11:23 on Monday morning, please drop me a quick email with your snail mail address and I'll send your pansy off to you. You can find my email address on my main Kitty & Me Designs website.

In other news, Sharon has chosen the Detached Chain stitch as this weeks TAST Challenge. Also known as the Lazy Daisy stitch which is what my grandmother always called it, this is one of my favorites and one that I use on just about every block I stitch! I must find something extremely creative to do with this stitch! I'll have to think about that a bit and see what I come up with. You've probably noticed that I always add beads to my Detached Chain stitches. I do that because I love the sparkle. In fact, you can see some of my beaded Detached Chain stitches on the seam to the left of the peacock.

Ok, that's it for it today's news! I'm off to sew up some new blocks because after this peacock block, I have nothing else to stitch on. And I can't have any of that going on! I must stitch!

I also plan to run my sewing machine tomorrow in hopes of assembling some of those purses that I've been making.


Susan said...

I love the peacock. The idea of using eyelash yarn for the tail was inspired. Of course, white is one of the few colors I don't have, so I will have to keep an eye out for it. But I think I have a lovely peacock blue! =)

Congratulations to Gail - she's very creative and would have thought to do this, which I never would in a million years!

Lin Moon said...

Pam, when you use beads in your Lazy Daisy stitches, do you do the beads first, then Lazy Daisy stitch around them or add them to the Lazy Daisy after you've stitched it?
Just lovely....

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