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Thursday, January 11, 2007

TAST - (Reverse) Buttonhole Stitch (Mistake)

Sometimes, great things come from the result of a mistake! It was my intention to do the Buttonhole Stitch in reverse. I however, did not account for the extra space that I needed and marked the 1/2 circles on my seam a little too close together. But just look at what I came up with:

Reverse Buttonhole Stitch

Isn't this great?!! They look like some sort of abstract flowers found on an antique sampler! Can you imagine how cool this will look once I bead it? I can't wait!!!

Once I had the row completed, I added some straight stitches inside the open part using a pink metallic thread.

Here's what it looks like on the block:

Green And Purple Block

As promised in my post yesterday, I've drawn up the pattern for perfect buttonhole stitches along with the pattern for this, my "Reverse Buttonhole Mistake":

Perfect Buttonhole Stitch

Click on the image to go to my Flickr site where you can download the larger version.
When printed, the Buttonhold Stitch pattern should measure about 4 inches wide.

Trace this pattern onto tissue paper, pin it along your seam-line and stitch. Or, if working on a fabric such as cotton, you can trace it onto lightweight cardboard, cut it out and trace it directly on to your fabric.

I know I've mentioned before that I use coins with lines drawn down the center in permanent marker. I lay the coin along my seam line, lining up the center mark on the coin and then trace my 1/2 circles. This won't work on dark or plush fabrics so the suggestion of using tissue paper is a perfect alternative.

Did I mention that this piece will be another purse? Are you at all surprised?

Stop by tomorrow for an update on this piece!


Geri said...


Looking at the 'mistake' you made gave me an idea for pitcher plants ... the ones that trap bugs in their leaves ... I so enjoy seeing all the things you make ... Being in university takes up so much time, especially now that I'm in my 3rd year ... I find your site fascinating ... keep up the great work

Allison said...

Thanks for the diagrams...just so helpful.
Here's an idea for you...if you want to mark your coin templates onto dark fabrics with a nice clean line, you could try gelpens in light colors...I have a set of 100 colors that I got at Costco for $20, and can even mark dark velvet with them...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thanks, as always, for something interesting! I will be sure to try your 'mistake' soon. Sure doesn't look like one to me.

Slightly off topic...if you're interested I used the rose pattern in a wallhanging I'm doing. There's a pic on my blog (altho it's done in pale colors & using sewing thread, so it's not really clear) if you want to see.

Debra Spincic said...

For marking a variety of sizes of circles, Karen Kay Buckley has some very nice templates on her website called Perfect Circles. They were designed for applique flowers but work great for embroidery.

Lynne said...

No such thing as "mistakes" - they're either "explorations" or "discoveries"! I think this should be called "eyelash" stitch! Can't you see ultra-chic here, with glittery pink eyeshadow?

I've sorta got the square for the lace piece designed mentally, but I can't find one of the fabrics I NEED in order to do it. However, in the search, serendipity did its usual thing, and I found two lovely chunks of silk, one disguised as a small neckerchief or handkerchief: fuschia and grey and white abstractish flowers on a brocade white ground - lovely applique possibilities, and the other as a man's necktie: almost but not quite the Royal Stewart tartan - except it reads hot pink rather than red, and has an extra blue stripe down the middle of the yellow. Paid $1 for both! Doesn't solve the main problem, but enhances the stash, lol! I guess I'll have to settle for buying a piece of cream silk dupioni. Not what I really want, but will suffice. I really wanted more texture to it, with perhaps the tiniest hint of metallic gold in the weave. Dream on! (I decided, in case you can't figure it out, that the basic ground of this square should be as neutral as possible, to showcase the colors in the lace, then pick up the lace colors with the other embellishments.

Gerry said...

LOL. Only you could make a 'mistake' and have it turn out so lovely! Nice job.

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