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Sunday, January 14, 2007

TAST - More On Herringbone Stitch

I really loved what I did with the Herringbone stitch on my Green & Yellow purse project so I decided to do it again on this purse:

Green And Purple Block

I added a piece of 5/8 inch wide lavender satin ribbon along the seam but it didn't show up very well so I added another piece along the top edge. This one is a green shaded ribbon 3/8 inch wide. Once I had that attached, I lined up my Waste Canvas up over the ribbon. I did my Herringbone stitch in white, added my favorite little fan stitch along the bottom in green and then some small fan stitches in purple.

Here's the pattern if you would like to try it:

Herringbone And Fan Stitches 3

Click on the image to go to my Flickr site where you can download the larger version.

Susan commented last week on the wide purple band near the top right. That is actually 2 inch wide wired Christmas ribbon. I found it a WalMart last year after Christmas for 25 cents! I just loved it because I love purple. I cut the size I needed for the space, and pulled the wires out of each side and then it's sewn into the foundation on the top and bottom. My stitching holds the sides in place. I'm planning to do some SRE on it.

As for our Contest, we still don't have a winner yet. Maybe instead of "guessing the theme", I should have said, "guess the focal point". Does that help anyone?

I'm actually hoping this stirs up your creativity! Look at the jewelry piece that I posted yesterday. What would you do with it? Now, think about what I would do with it!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hi Pam
I'm going to guess what is so obviously not the right the theme pansies and you're using one of your pansy motifs from the dryer sheets? I know, it's far to obvious to be right!!

Susan said...

I'm guessing that the beaded leaves will be the focal point, but whether that means a leaf theme, a bead extravaganza, or just what, I have no clue. You are always surprising me!

I absolutely love the double-layered ribbon! What a great idea. So much pretty stitching on this piece already. =)

Gail said...

The jewely piece makes me think of shooting stars. The other thought that comes to mind is rain dripping from the leaves. LOL.

Dawn said...

Will you be using the loop on the top righthand side of the pin as a place to put a special button in?

Lynne said...

I don't know what you're calling it, but if it were mine, I'd call it "Summer Twilight"...

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