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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday - Herringbone

As I mentioned yesterday, the Herringbone Stitch is not by any means one of my favorite stitches.
While trying to turn it into something that I find visually attractive, I realized what it is about this stitch that I don't like. To me, it looks like a bunch of giant cross stitches!

Many of you have probably discovered, that as far as my designing career goes, I've been moving in new directions. This not to say that I won't continue to design charted patterns, it's just not what I do on a full-time basis anymore.

Counted cross stitch is quite limited and designing it is limiting as well. I've found that I need to move beyond the grid.

On a personal level, perhaps I've found that I don't need to live by so many rules anymore. I've gone from the confinement and rules of working in "squares" to the freedom of absolutely no rules whatsoever in the form of crazyquilting. One extreme to the other yes, but they say, when a person gets into their 40's, they become their true selves. Well, I'm 45 now and I can see where my attitude has changed alot in the last few years. I've reached a point in my life where I just don't care what anyone else thinks about how I dress, what music I listen to and so on. And those are just examples.

Isn't it funny what came into the light from a simple stitch?

So, on to what I did with this stitch:

Herringbone And Fan Stitches

Yes, I pretty much beat up this poor little Herringbone stitch and over powered it with fan stitches. The fan stitch is one of my favorites!

One nice thing about the Herringbone stitch is that it can easily be combined with other stitches.

Quite honestly, I still don't care for this stitch. At least now I know why!

After stitching this example, I sat down and charted out what I stitched in case anyone here would like to use this version. I will continue to do that with my variations throughout the TAST Challenge. Just click on the image above to go to my Flickr site where you can download the large version of the pattern. My suggestion for this one would be to use 10 count Waste Canvas.

You can find this, all past seam treatments and future stitch variations in my Flickr album set titled, Charted Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments.


Lisa said...

I love what you did with the stitch. It's fun thinking outside the box.

Susan said...

It looks great! But where's your picture of the actual stitch? I want to see everything! You know me. =)

I had a little fun with it today, and came up with another idea I want to try out, but I need some time. =)

Debra Spincic said...

I left a message on your flickr comments but I think you have answered it here. It's OK to stitch this for our own personal projects, then?

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