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Monday, January 22, 2007

Lots To Share Today!

I did absolutely nothing yesterday but watch TV and stitch! I completed my little Sunflower Cellphone Pouch:

Sunflower Cellphone Pouch

The scanner lid kind of smooshed the little sunflowers. Those are little silk sunflowers that I took off of a garland that I bought awhile back. They were kind of boring so I decided to put a bit of glitter on them. Only, my glitter was in a box at the bottom of my craft closet. I didn't feel like taking everything out to get to it but then I remembered that I had some glitter glue for making cards and that was easy to get to so I decided to try using that and it worked! Thank goodness I have so many craft supplies!

This was a bit challenging as I normally don't work with yellow and orange. The blue is quite complimentary and I am really pleased with how it came out. I even strayed from my comfort zone and used a silver tone butterfly instead of a gold one! When I get it assembled, I will post a better photo of it.

When I completed the sunflower pouch, I started on this one:

Spiderweb Cellphone Pouch

Sorry, I forgot to scan it for you before I started on it. Anyway, there will be a spider in the web. Carol Samples has a lovely pattern for a spiderweb and vine in her Treasury Of Crazyquilt Stitches book and I've been taken with it since I bought my copy. I wasn't sure what to do with this block when I started but then I remembered Carol's book and decided it might be fun to do a spiderweb as a focal point! I should have this one completed later today.

Last but not least, I completed all of my purses except for the White Peacock purse which I hope to finish later this week. The first one to be listed in my Etsy shop is the Purple Painted Lady Purse:

Painted Lady Purse 1

I put this on a silver purse frame and made the chain detachable. I really love working the frames! They work nice and look great!

That's it for today's news. I'm off to run my sewing machine for a few hours.

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monique said...

Love the sunflower pouch!

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