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Monday, January 29, 2007

Lots Of Stitching To Share

I pretty much just stitched all day yesterday. I'll admit, the cold and the snow outside is getting to me. Cabin fever always sets in for me around the end of January and I have a hard time focusing on anything but stitching or sewing. I am so looking forward to Spring now!

I finished the Victorian Lady pouch:

Painted Lady Pouch

I added crystals to the centers of the silk ribbon roses. The "pin" on her collar is a crystal too. It came from a broken necklace that I bought at a flea market last Summer.

Once I completed the Victorian Lady pouch, I started on the Blackwork Purse:

Blackwork Purse

I'll be working on this most of the day today. It will have a black peacock as a focal point. I have a pretty silver vintage pin with rhinestones on it that I can use for the top of the tail feathers and I have some black eyelash yarn that I'll use for the tail. I haven't decided yet what I'll use for the "eyes" on the tail feathers but I have plenty of beads and sequins so I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Can someone do me a favor and see if you can get into I can't get into my shop or anyone else's shop or even the main page. I just need to know if it's the site or if it's my computer.



Kim said...


It's up now. I had trouble with it yesterday.


Tina said...

I was able to get in...Hopefully things will stay operational for a while.. By the way your work is beautiful.

loulee1 said...

Pam your lady looks lovely, and I really like what I see on our first taste of the blackwork purse. Thank you.

Susan said...

Both of these have fabulous stitching. I like the way the wheels echo the lace just below on the blackwork one. No trouble getting into Etsy, but now that I'm there, there could be lots of trouble. =)

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