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Friday, January 12, 2007

Just A Quick Update Today

I just got another very tight deadline project. I need to have it completed by Monday morning! Yikes! I can do it but I have to start on it now. I don't like missing out on blogging so here's an update on my purple and green purse:

Green And Purple Block

I couldn't decided what to do with that bottom seam so instead, I started beading on the seams that I already covered. I've decided on a theme for this piece. Anyone want to take a guess?

Thanks to everyone who commented with compliments on my "mistake" stitch! Look at it now with some beads on it! I just love it and will definately be doing it again.

Oh, I added a bunch of stuff to my Etsy shop! Tons of cross stitch things and all that beautiful vintage lace is there now too. I have more things to add when I complete this cross stitch emergency project including some gorgeous upolstry fabrics that I found recently. These would be wonderful for crazyquilts!

And if I have any scrapbookers who read my blog, there's some really fun vintage gift wrap there, all with a childrens theme!

Ok, I'm off to work. If I manage any stitching time later, I'll post another update tomorrow.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love the way the block is coming along! Those wheel-like flowers do look fabulous. Thanks for the templates.

I'm guessing your theme has something to do with beading. =;D

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