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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Green Purse Completed!

I always feel a bit sad when I complete the stitching on a crazyquilt project. I enjoy the process so much! The stitching and embellishing are complete on this now:

Green Purse

I had to use the camera instead of the scanner due to the rose pin that I added. I must say, I'm quite pleased with this despite my dislike of the color yellow. This looks so light and Summery!

On the TAST front, Sharon has named the Buttonhole Stitch as this weeks stitch focus. The Buttonhole Stitch is very versatile and one that I use quite often on a variety of projects. Also known as the Blanket Stitch (which is what my grandmother always called it) you can find it on my Dryer Sheet Pansy Project posted on January 2nd. It's a wonderful overcast stitch for finishing off raw edges.

I will be playing with this stitch a bit later today (I hope) and should have a photo for you tomorrow. I also plan to draw up a Buttonhole Wheel pattern for you to use on your projects. I've mentioned many times that I like my stitches to be perfectly spaced so I mark my pieces before I stitch them instead of just eyeballing it.

On another note, after three years of blogging, Sharon has posted a very interesting article on blogging & technology. Boy, did I see myself while reading Sharon's post! I am not one to move with the times as far as technology goes! Quite frankly, technology gets on my nerves! I hate upgrading and I hate changing things on my computer! Like my husband always says, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

I still use bookmarks rather than the RSS Feed option. Mostly because I still don't quite understand how the RSS Feed thing works. I just bought a new Backup Battery for my computer but I have no patience for the mess of cords under my desk so I've asked my dad to come and switch from the old one to the new one for me!

I remember when my husband wanted to get a digital camera. I kept telling him that we're not picture takers and he doesn't even use the computer so why do we need one? (He can't even send an email without my help!) Well, thankfully I agreed to getting one because it comes in quite handy for my love of blogging!

Honestly, do you remember the days of buying a new television, bringing it home, plugging it in & turning it on and it worked? Oh no, not these days! I don't know what's worse, the mess of wires behind my TV or the mess of wires under my desk? Please! Is all this really necessary?

Now Scott would like to get a big flat screen TV. Ok, I can deal with that, but after looking into it, we found out that if you want the High Def thing to work, you have to upgrade your Satalite or Cable service, if you have a Satalite service then you need a new dish to receive the signal and a new box to bring that signal to your TV. WE both agreed that at this time, we do not need the High Def thing! Technology is like a vampire and if you let it, it will suck your wallet dry!

I really don't even watch television. I just listen to it while I stitch or look at magazines! I never listen to anything through the stereo. Who needs that much noise? When I listen to CD's, I just play them on my tiny little boom box here in my room. I will admit, it's kind of cool to listen to Pirates Of The Carribean movie through the stereo. Yes, it sounds like there are zombie pirates everywhere! But do I really need to be chased by zombie pirates while I'm stitching? No, not really. Honestly, my television is really only 6 or 7 feet from my sofa! I mean, I'm not deaf!

The point I'm making is that technology is fine when it suits our needs. Eventually, I get used to things. I remember when I had no choice but to switch from Win 98 to Win XP! Oh, did I hate Win XP! I couldn't find anything! I whined constantly about wanting my Win 98 back. Well, I've had Win XP for a few years now and I can't even remember what Win 98 looked like. Yes, Sharon is right. We all move with technology at our own pace. For me, it's only when I absolutely have to!


Mistress Golden Needle said...

Isn’t that the truth about technology. ;-) With each new windows operating system I had to be dragged kicking and screaming at the last possible moment. Simply due to the fact that new software wouldn’t run anymore. With XP I figure I’ve got at least another 10 years before I have to dig my heels in again. - Jan J.

Ribbonwiz said...

hi Pam.
nice to be 'talking' to you again.
I just know what I have to know, to keep me happy on my computer..
Love all the lace pieces you are dying up..

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