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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dryer Sheet Pansy Tutorial Part 2

Now that your pansy is assembled, it's time to stitch!

On my sample, I did several variations of the Blanket Stitch. This was intended to give you some options. You decide which variation you like best and work yours that way:

Dryer Sheet Pansy 6

I used DMC embroidery floss to stitch my sample pansy. You can however use #5 or #8 Perle cotton instead if you like.

On the yellow part, I used 3 strands and kept a fair amount of space between my stitches. On the side petals I did the same the thing but used 6 strands of floss instead. And on the top of the pansy, I used 6 strands and kept my stitches close together.

Personally, I like the stitches tight.

For the center, I did a tiny tatted ring and sewed that on. If you know how to do tatting, it's just a simple ring:

5 DS, Picot, 5 DS, Picot, 5 DS, Picot, 5 DS, Close Ring.

If you don't know how to do tatting, you can embroider a center or try the Cast-On stitch. I then added a 5 mm Czech glass bead.

To finish, I stitched on a few a straight lines with 2 strands of DMC black embroidery floss.

For the leaves, again I used the Blanket Stitch around the outside and then did a simple running stitch down the center for a vein. Feel free to stem stitch the vein instead.

To attach the leaves to the flower, I use fabric glue. You can sew them together if you like. And then to attach this to a crazyquilt or whatever item you choose to use it on, again, you can glue it on or sew it on.

And that's it! If you need help with the stitches, visit Sharon's Stitch Dictionary.
Sharon has excellent stitch tutorials with really good photos!

I hope some of my readers try these pansies. They're so pretty and are a wonderful addition to all sorts of quilting and craft projects. If you do one and have a blog or Flickr site, please let me know. I would love to see your photos.

And, if you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please don't hesitate to leave a message for me here or you can email me.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

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