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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Completed Cellphone Pouches

Just a quickie for today. I always seem to have this long list of things to do, finish, put away or clean! I just can't seem to get done with chores today!

Anyway, I've completed the assembly on my 3 latest cellphone pouches. I don't know which one I love the most! Here's the photos:

Sunflower 2

Spiderweb 2

Seascape 2

They're listed in my Etsy shop now. I'm off to try to complete my chores so I can sit down and stitch on my "blackwork cellphone pouch" which BTW - is very interesting so far. I'll have an update for you on that one tomorrow.


Heidi said...

They all came out great! I like the middle one the best I think. :)

Frederique said...

Oh yes, not easy to choose between the 3 ones! I like them all!

Susan said...

Strangely enough, although I like all three and pink isn't my favorite, the middle one is the one I like the best. But I like the one I bought, even more. =)

Gina E. said...

These are all gorgeous, Pam! My cellphone gets used so often during the day while I am working, I wouldn't dare keep it in on of those pouches. But if I was going out somewhere at night, and wanted to take the phone, I would probably 'dress it up' for the occasion! By the way, I received the last magazine that you posted on Jan 13 - thank you very much! Sorry I haven't emailed you but I'm having some minor irritations with my PC at the moment and the best way to send messages is by blogs right now. I have asked our post office for the best rates to send printed matter, and I got a good deal, so I'll be sending a box of our Aussie mags to you within the next week or so!

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