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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Color Yellow

Still feeling a bit under the weather here but have taken advantage of it and spent alot of time stitching:

Green Purse

I decided to keep all embroidery and embellishments to yellow and white (and of course green). I went through my bits of junk and do-dads and found a yellow rosebud pin. It works perfect with this piece so that will be the focal point on this purse.

I do have 1 minor problem with working in mostly yellow, I don't have alot in the way of yellow beads and embellishments. Thinking about it, I never cared much for yellow except when it comes to Black-eyed Susan flowers. That's the only yellow thing that I can think of that I like. So now I'm wondering, why is it that I never cared much for yellow? I did buy a yellow dress last Summer that I just love but it's the only yellow thing in my closet. And in thinking about my fabric stash, I don't have much in the way of yellow in there either.

Who would think that one's stitching and stash habits could become a vehicle to a path of self-discovery? Maybe I'm getting too deep here but I'm wondering, does anyone else have a color that they don't care for? I must say, I do like the way this looks. I'm off to stitch and contemplate why I never cared for yellow!

More tomorrow...


Sequana said...

I keep noticing that I don't have much yellow in my stashes of materials either. It's not that I don't like it.

Maybe it's because it's so light, that I can't see it contrasting in medium tones. *shrugs*

But I just thot you'd like to know that there is another "don't have much yellow" out here.

Annie in Chicago

CameoRoze said...

Your post got me to go peek at my stash. I think I'm most low on orange.

I find that interesting, because I do have a thing for collecting pumpkin charts. But I guess you don't need orange fabric if you're going to stitch orange pumpkins.

Not much orange in my sewing fabric stash, either. I do have a spiffy orange ribbon with white polka dots now. One of my good friends loves orange and I used the ribbon in finishing a piece for her.

FYI, I'm blogging now, too, as of January 1. (You and Sharon B inspired me to start!) No needlework yet, but some is sure to show up soon.

Charlene said...

I can't say that there's a color I don't like, but my 'favorite color' does tend to shift and change.

Kim said...

I like yellow. It's such a cheerful color. I do have some pieces that have a lot of yellow in them.


patternnuts said...

I used to hate yellow and orange and over the last few years have learned to "enbrace them".
I think they are wonderful against so many other things....Like purple, my favorite color!
I am even tossing around the idea of painting my kitchen a soft shade of yellow. (I have wanted to add color to the walls for 5 years now, and so far, that are all still eggshell or whatever it's called.)

patternnuts said...

whoops, "embrace"! My fingers are out of practice typing.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I've always been the different one because I love quilts with yellow and orange in them -- especially yellow. Yellow seems to give any quilt a nice glow. I buy yellow whenever/wherever I can find it because it's pretty hard to find.

Susan said...

Maybe it has more to do with where you use it? This looks really pretty. I don't use a lot of yellow - more likely to use gold - but there are places where yellow is the only possibility. =) Now orange - that's one that I hardly ever touch.

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