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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Blackwork Peacock Purse Continued

Are you ready? I stitched on this all day yesterday and loved every single minute of it:

Blackwork Peacock Purse

It's not done yet. I will be doing some more beading on it this afternoon. I know you're probably thinking, "where is she going to put more beads?"! Trust me, there is still room for more embellishing.

I was actually a bit worried last night when my husband told me that he really likes this one! Normally, he doesn't care for crazyquilting but he actually said that my peacock done in black is beautiful and elegant. Hmmmmm.....that's a little scary!

I expect to complete this later today. Then I'll spend the next couple of days sewing. Check back tomorrow to see the completed piece!


Kim said...


I love the black peacock! It is very elegant even if he isn't in his traditional colors. This is going to be so elegant when done!


Jo in NZ said...

I have been inspired by your 'blackwork' pouch and purse. They look fabulous. And doesn't it just make your heart sing a little when you realise that the menfolk DO take some notice of what we put our hearts into.

Geri said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! A foil to your white peacock ... Could you take a photo of the two of them side by side? Each thing you make stirs my imagination ....

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