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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Green Cellphone Pouch Update

I didn't have alot of stitching time yesterday. I wrapped Christmas gifts which took a good bit of my time, but I did manage to get the seams covered on this. I used DMC Ecru #5 Perle on all the seams and I must say, it has a nice look! I wouldn't do that on every piece but I thought it would be fun to experiment:

Green Cellphone Pouch

We'll be visiting with my in-laws today but I do expect to have a bit of stitching time this evening.

A note on tassels, first, one of these days I'll either learn how to spell or I'll start using the "spell-checker"! Ha, ha, ha!

My friend Cherry emailed me and suggested that I look at using some of the cool new yarns available these days. She said they're great for making tassels. Cherry, why didn't I think of that?!!! Thank you! Yes, those beautiful yarns would make great tassels and both my WalMart and Michaels stores have an excellent selection. Thank you Cherry! I'll be doing that next time! And whatever I have left over can be used on another Fish Under The Sea block!


DuffyPoo said...

Pam, have a look in the scrapbook section of Michaels as well. I was there the other day, and they have little cards of specialty fibres for adding to scrapbook pages, usually 5-6 different ones per card. I didn't fondle any of them, but they looked like bits of eyelash yarn, suede strips, etc. They might be a bit pricey being scrapbook stash but if you found something that was absolutely perfect for a project....

Chelle said...

Pam I love the look of the white embroidery on this. Very nice!

Susan said...

This looks great with the one color thread! If you send me your address, I will send you two small gold tassels I have. They are about 3 inches from the knobby part to the bottom. I received them in a swap and have absolutely no use for them, as I will not be making purses. =)

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