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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hot Pink Peacock Update

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Despite feeling like I was hit over the head with a baseball bat due to a sinus infection of some sort, I did some more stitching on this block yesterday.

I embellished the row of yellow daisies next to the feather with some sequins and beaded the other row of yellow daisies.

I also did some tatted flowers using the same thread as the the lazy daisy flowers on the vine and sewed them on to the vine adding some yellow beads for flower centers. This gave the vine a more 3-D look.

I also did my usual plain tatted edging and added that above the peacock feather. I hope to feel up to working on this some more later today. I have to do some real work for the time being though.

Janet, one of the girls from my chat board, asked me if have any of my CQ's finished. Well, hopefully in another week or so, I'll be unveiling my 30 inch X 30 inch whole-cloth crazy quilt that I did back in the Spring. I have the binding on it now and just have to add the sleeve for hanging and my quilt label to the back. As soon as I can get it completed and hanging on the wall, I'll get some photos to post here.

I've finished many of my 9 inch blocks into either pillows or doorknockers so I'll pull some of those out and get photos of them as well.

I don't mind "finishing" at all. But I would always rather be stitching so I usually wait until I have a few things needing finishing and then I do several all at once.

1 comment:

Gina E. said...

Your Pink Peacock has come of age, Pam! A far cry from the peacock that fell into the berry patch, when you were first thinking about it!

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