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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flea Market Trip And Transfers

Scott and I went to another flea market and antique show on Sunday. I was so disappointed. We walked the entire market and all I found was this Vintage Simplicity Apron pattern from 1954. The envelope is quite tattered but the pattern is in mint condition!


Well, at least I found something!

However, after returning home Monday after eye dr. appts. and ordering new glasses for both Scott and I, the mail arrived. Scott went out for it and came back in waving a package! It was from Robin, one of the girls from my chat board. Robin had been to a swap meet and found a whole bunch of vintage transfers which she picked up for me. Wow! These are so wonderful!

Transfer From Robin 1

Transfer From Robin 2

Transfer From Robin 3

Transfer From Robin 4

Transfer From Robin 5

What a nice surprise it was to receive these lovely transfers from Robin after such a disappointing flea market trip! Thank you so much Robin, for thinking of me!


dolly said...

ooh they look wonderful! dolly x

Gina E. said...

What a great collection to add to your stash, Pam! Doesn't it make you feel special when your friends do things like that? My friends are always on the lookout for doilies and cloths at opshops etc. to add to my collection, and I appreciate it no end, as one can't be everywhere to locate these things.

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