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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Christmas Tree Skirt

I asked my mom if I could share this with my readers because I think it's just too cute! My mom just finished making this last week. It's a Christmas tree skirt that she made as a gift. Although she used a pattern for the actual skirt part, she designed the little snowman motifs herself. This project took mom weeks to do!

The little snowmen are machine appliqued and then embellished by hand. The scarves are all hand crocheted. There are over 100 snowflake buttons on here and I don't even know how many sequins.





Janet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janet said...

(My typing is horrible today..had to remove my comment)"proof read, proof read"

Anyway, Pam, please tell your Mom she did a wonderful job on the tree skirt. She has the cutest snowmen! The recipient of her gift should be extremely pleased with it.

Michele said...

Pam, that is adorable. Your mom did a great job!!

Chloe said...

Ooooh - it makes me think "snow"! And there is a little bit around here still, even though it is now officially spring. But it is on the mountains, not down here on the plains. So I can see it, but not build snowmen.

Please pass my admiration along to your Mum.

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