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Monday, January 10, 2022

More Crazy Quilt Trinket Blocks

 I stitched up a two more Crazy Quilt Trinket blocks.  I think I'm up to 42 blocks now!


This one has an Autumn theme.  The leaves in the very center are a brooch that I found over the Summer at an estate sale for I think, 50 cents!

This is a crazy quilt on a crazy quilt!  The tiny little framed piece was made by my sweet friend Pat Winter.  I bought it from her a few years ago.  It's a pendant but I don't wear much jewelry anymore so I decided to use it on this quilt.  No one on the planet can make tinier stitches than pat!

The silver leaves are a vintage brooch that my long time dear friend Danielle gave me for my birthday back in the 80's.  Danielle and I share the same birthday, Christmas Eve.

The colors in both pieces are brighter than they look here.  I'm needing a new digital camera so for now, I'm using my cellphone to take photos.


JustGail said...

Wow, I'd forgotten about these blocks. They sure do have lots going on in each block. Gorgeous. I confess, I'd be tempted to borrow that pin to wear every autumn though. How many more blocks will you make before putting them together into a quilt?

Speaking of lots going on... have you shown your new work space since you moved? I'd love to see how you organize all the little bits and bobs you use.

diamondc said...

Pamela: Crazy quilts are so much fun and so pretty, both of these are beautiful.


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