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Saturday, May 02, 2020

Exclusive Colorful Cats - Cobweb Corner

During this challenging time, I've been concerned about the retail needlework shops who have had to close their brick & mortar stores and operate solely through their online shops. I asked myself how I could help them. 
I decided to do a few Exclusive Colorful Cats. Exclusive meaning that as I can do them, each shop that I work with, will have their own cat design and it will only be available through that shop. These exclusive designs will not be available through me. They will only be available from the stitchy shop that I designed them for.

The first to be released is Cobweb. This Colorful Cat is exclusive to Cobweb Corner located in Swisher Iowa. Here is the link to Carla's website:
And here is the Cobweb Corner Facebook page:
Colorful Cat - Cobweb
Cobweb Corner is also hosting a "Colorful" Stitch Along. Please join in! I'm sure you'll love seeing everyone's stitched pieces and you can share your own as well!!

Carla is taking pre-orders for Cobweb now. She will also stock the little spider charm that's used in the design.

If you love my Colorful Cats, you'll love Cobweb!!!

1 comment:

JustGail said...

Holy Schnikees!!! She's been in my back yard (well sort of) for how long?!?!? And I had no clue... I guess on-line only shops don't show up on searches for needlework shops??

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