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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Slight Change

I was looking at Block #2 yesterday afternoon and it was bothering me. I was feeling like the sequins on the Irises were covering up the pretty embroidery. After all, I bought the hankies because I liked the embroidery! When Scott got home from work, I asked his opinion and he said, "Girl, take them off!" So off they came:

Floral Crazy Quilt Block 2

Much better, don't you think? So now I'm ready to start on Block #3!

So many of my readers have emailed me to ask how I'm doing. I think it's starting to recede now. I can't say I'm out of the black hole yet but I think I'm starting to see a small ray of light. I'm still tired most of the time and I still take my shower or bath and go to bed between 6 & 7 pm. I'm just spent by then. I've slept better the last 2 nights as well. So, I'm getting there. Thank you everyone for asking!

Before I head off to stitch, I wanted to share the links to a few blogs that I think you might enjoy.
First is The Little Pink Studio. I'm quite intrigued and inspired by Cerri's romantic-vintage style. And it seems apparent to me that Cerri likes pink!

Next is Contemporary Embroidery. Mary Ann pointed me in the direction of this blog and I'm fascinated with Karen's creativity and the style of her work. She works mostly in white with only hints of other colors but the effects are stunning!

Finally, do check out Cathys Crazy By Design blog. Cathy's stitching & sewing is wonderful but she also shares photos of her vintage treasures! Lovely things to look at here!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think Scott was right...the flowers are beautiful on their own. Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the decision to remove the sequins. The embroidery is just too pretty "as is"

I am enjoying watching the blocks unfold. I wish I had as much talent in finding such lovely treasures as you do!

- Sue

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