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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Garden Quilt Block #2 Update

It's a cloudy, dreary day here in Northern Illinois. Thankfully, it's above freezing so the snow we got earlier this week is melting. I love it when the snow melts!

I don't have anything too exciting to talk about today so I'll just post an update on Block #2 of my Garden Quilt:

Floral Crazy Quilt Block 2

I'm going to head into my Living Room and add some more do-dads & foo-foo's to this. I made a batch of Chex Mix a little while ago so before I stitch, I'm going to put together another batch.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have to be thinking of spring when you're working on these blocks, because I know I do as soon as I see the picture. are inspiring me to maybe actually DO something with my box full of hankies that have been taking up space on my shelf for far too long. Some of them were my grandmothers (& she died in the early 60's, so I guess they're vintage by now).

Sandy G said...

Love it! All the soft colors - I can almost smell the flowers! :o) I can't believe how fast you are working. I would spend days just looking at it to figure out what to do. But with yours, I blink, and ta da - it's beautiful. I am impressed as usual! Thanks for sharing.

Judy S. said...

Chex mix, yum! That's a lovely block, Pam. How'd you do the pink flowers? Is it a special bead or several layers of beads?

Jan said...

Oh I love this piece more each time I see it . Such a bright piece for dull days - we've got frost and fog at the moment but maybe snow at the end of the week in time for school holidays and Christmas - not good for me as I have to get to work on two buses!!!

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