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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pink Paint

I've been rambling on and off about repainting my room before I buy a new computer to do the magazine on.  I decided a long time ago that I would paint this room pink because pink is my signature color and because I find it soothing on my nerves.

Mary Anne made me laugh in a recent email.  She said a pink room would send her over the edge.  LOL!!!  I have seen pink rooms and they can be nauseating but my room won't be that way.  I intend to paint everything white and then sponge paint the walls with a pale icy pink glaze.  Then I'll stencil roses in here.  The glaze will just give the walls a hint of pink color without it being that "in your face pink".

When I was at the hardware store over the weekend, I picked up a couple of paint chips:

I like the warm, peachy shades of pink rather than the blue pinks.  I highlighted the color that I'm going to go with.

Little by little, I'm getting things together and organized for my new endeavor!

For now, I finished stitching up my Christmas purse:

I'll have to stop at JoAnn's this weekend and pick up a pair of purse handles.  Then I should be able to sew this up next week. 


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yep, over the edge is an understatement. I simply can't imagine living in the middle of a pepto-bismol bottle!! I must say that I might like your version though (notice I said 'might').

Anonymous said...

Pamela, I can not wait for the pictures, your pink/white office.
Knowing your taste, it is beautiful.
Hugs, Maria from the Netherlands.

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