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Monday, April 22, 2013

Seascape Bowl Fillers

I didn't realize that it had been almost a week since I blogged.  I've been keeping very busy sewing up new blocks to stitch on, planning the fall and Christmas projects I want to do for the upcoming holiday season; yes, I know it seems a bit early but when you make things to sell, you have think 6 months in advance!

Lesson 5 of my Color and Composition Class is almost ready.  My end of it is done so it's now in Jason's capable hands.  He's putting it together and we expect to release it a few days early.

Jason has also been working on my getting my upcoming book, "Elegant Cross Stitch Sentiments For Crazy Quilting" ready for release.  We're anticipating a mid to late May release date!  I'm pretty excited about this book because of it's versatility.  I know it will appeal to crazy quilters but I expect it will appeal to cross stitchers as well.  There are over 60 small cross stitch designs in this book which span the holidays and seasons as well as other sentiments such as Happy Birthday, Believe, Inspire, Welcome and so on.  Perfect for quick little gifts and awesome worked into crazy quilt pieces.

I have been stitching away on my projects too.  First, a pillow that I finished stitching up last week:

This piece features a vintage bird image and hand painted lace from Nicki Lee.  I've already pulled fabric for the back and intend to get this piece sewn up this week.

At the moment, I'm working on Seascape Bowl Fillers.  What are seascape bowl fillers you may ask?  They start with a crazy quilt piece.  I finished this one up yesterday:

And this one was started early this morning:

I'm very fortunate to be given outdated fabric and trim sample books from a local decorating store.  The small pieces of trim give me a lot of embellishing options.  That pretty green ribbon is from one of the trim books.

Be sure to follow my progress on these so you can see what else will be going into these bowl fillers!


NickiLee said...

I am in awe of the time you spend creating so many pretties! If I had half your energy I think I would have used up most of my stash LOL! Beautiful work as always!

Lady Locust said...

Fabulous! Just one or two stitches there:) Love those shells and bits of metallic. I would never thought of bowl fillers - you are just brimming with talent.

Isobel Morrell said...

Hello there Pamela!

Thanks for the link here - found this post fascinating.

You and I seem to work similarly too, as I'm fortunate in obtaining off-cuts for my furry critters from an upholstery factory in a nearby town. Pick up their left-overs about twice a year. I tell myself I'm recycling - as if I didn't take it, it would all end up on the local dump.

Will be following you here - and I do have a Facebook page (two actually, and get in a frantic muddle deciding which one I'm on at any one time. I'm hoping to merge them into one soon, and just hope I don't lose my Friends in the process, as not all of them are on both pages!

That's the sort of trouble I get myself into on the internet: I'm a dangerous person to know, I fear!

Good meeting you: let's keep in touch.


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