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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring Embroidery

Spring!  By the time I reach mid-February, Spring is the only thing I can think about!  Bunnies, chicks, pastel colored eggs and flowers!  Oh, and Robins!  Like most of us, I've now reached my point of having had enough cold, cloudy, dreary, grey days and I'm ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I can't wait to see tulips and daffodils!

My stitching of course, is an example of where my thoughts are.  My current project is definitely Spring related:
I hand painted the lace flower applique which I had to cut apart into pieces to make it work where I wanted it.  This goes back to the "layering" effect that I was talking about last week.  Layering lace on top of fabric, and then more lace on top of lace and then embroidery and embellishments layered on top of that, adds texture, color and interest to any type of collage work.

The tatting lace on the bottom right hand corner is vintage.  I find vintage tatting and other lace pieces at flea markets and antique shops.  Thankfully, those places are in abundance where I live in northern Illinois!  And flea market season starts in April!

This sweet little Easter Bunny piece is now ready for embroidery!


Sandy said...

A lovely way to think of spring.

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Pam this is so beautiful with all the most beautiful colors of spring.There is so much to look forward to now that spring is almost here! The worse is behind us! Sending Love ;)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I already know I'm going to love this one!! The colours are so pretty and such a handsome Mr. Bunny.

Megan said...

This is lovely! I'm so impressed with the hand painting!

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