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Friday, December 09, 2011

Rose Garden Cat Doll

I've been asked many times, how I manage to get so much stitching and finishing done.  I've told my story before but I'll post it again.  I have ADD with high anxiety and I've found that keeping my hands busy helps to manage my nervousness.  When the hands are occupied, the mind is occupied!

Yes, my house is always clean, my laundry always caught up, I do make healthy meals and I bake.  I have time with my husband and I help my parents out.  All in all, I guess I'm just one of those people who gets stuff done.

So with that said, my Rose Garden Cat Doll is my latest finish:

And here are closeups of the seam treatments from this project:

I keep an ongoing photo gallery of my Crazy Quilt Seam Embroidery so if anyone needs some inspiration, it can be found on a page at the top of my blog.  The newest photos are always at the top of  the page.

Back to my cat dolls, photos of all the Crazy Quilt Cat Dolls that I've made are now available to see on the Collectable Cat Dolls page, also found at the top of my blog.  Again, the newest photos will always be at the top of the page.  Now that I have all the photos available, I'll go back and date them.  I hope to get that taken care of over the weekend.

I've decided, since I've made so many of these little kitties, and because I have several ladies who like to collect a few of them, that it would be fun to start dating and numbering them.  Starting in 2012, all of my cat dolls will be dated and numbered on the back.

If you own one or more of my cat dolls, check that page again in a few days to date your doll.

Finally for today, I've started on a new project:

I thought I'd better start making a few Valentine's Day projects.  I know, it's not even Christmas yet but since I like to make things for my Boutique, I have to start long before an upcoming holiday!  Anyway, this will be another pillow.  I sewed a few Valentine pillow projects up the other day so I have a nice little pile of things all ready to stitch on!  And I must tell you, I just love Valentine's Day!  The soft pastel colors, the little hearts and cupids and the pretty flowers are quite soothing on the eye!


Sandie said...

Beautiful art work as always!
Have a lovely weekend,

Sandie xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm amazed that you've kept such good track of all the kitties you've made - w fun collection to look at. I'm going back when I have more time to look at them in detail.

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