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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm Back!

Whew! 3 days without electricity! Talk about stress!! We had a horrible storm go through here first thing Monday morning. 70 mile per hour winds took out trees and electric lines. There are still people without power and there are trees and branches down everywhere. It looks like a war zone around here!

I had to put 5 bags of groceries in the trash. Since my fridge is now empty, I took the time last night to scrub it real good so I now have a nice clean refigerator and I'm getting ready to go to the grocery store now and get some food!

I managed to do a lot of stitching the past few days. The dead silence in the house makes me insane so I spent most of my time out on my deck or over at mom's. Her power came back Monday afternoon. Anyway, I finished stitching up 4 heart shaped crazyquilt door pillows and I stitched a pillow with an old fashioned bonnet lady.

I told Scott last night that I don't care to go anywhere this weekend. I want to stay home and relax and just play with my stuff so that's the plan.

I'm am so thankful that I bought myself an IPhone!  I was at least able to get some information through all this!

Ok, I just wanted to drop in and say hi.  I'll be back to my regular posting now.  I'm off to get groceries!  I need strawberries!

Crazyquilt Strawberry Ornament


Mary Ivancicts said...

That is so cute, I love the strawberry!

Cathi said...

Glad you have your power back on. That's got to be the worst to be without.

Cute strawberry...also love the Jadeite plate! I collect Jadeite dishes & noticed it right away.

Christie Cottage said...

I am happy that your power came back on. We went 9 1/2 days w/o electric or water (country living) during the winter. 2 fridges had to be emptied. They were sparkling before being refilled.

have a wonderful day!


Miss Val's Creations said...

It is amazing how our world stops without electricity. We become so limited in what we can do! Luckily it is back! Cute strawberry ornament. ~Val

shawkl said...

So glad things are back to normal! Hope you didn't have any other storm damage too!

Lelia said...

Glad to read your power back on. Seems there was a lot of
'outtage' in a lotta places!

Enjoy the day

LuLu Kellogg said...

We have been without internet since last Friday night! It's all fixed now though, thank you Verizon! We had a bad storm too and lightning ran into our house through the phone line and fried our modem, DSL and our phone! We don't realize how much we depend on these things until we loose them!!

Glad to see you back!


Judy S. said...

Three days without power's not fun! You definitely have my sympathy! We experienced a windstorm in Dec. of 2006 with similar was COLD! Hope you're all back to normal and back to stitching and creating. Hugs.

Cathy K said...

So glad you’re back, sweetie! Nothing like losing power for awhile to make us grateful for “the little things”, hehe. I keep vowing to get prepared - you know, disaster preparedness. It was supposed to be Bruce’s first project in retirement, but he’s off building radio kits. But one way or the other..... Anyway, hope all is well with you! Hugs, Cathy

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