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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake! And Cookies!!!

I'm getting ready to mix up some Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookie dough and Chocolate Orange Sugar Cookie dough.  I'm going to put the dough in the fridge and bake them in the morning.  I confess, I really love cookies!  And chocolate!  And I don't quite have the will power that I used to have.  Esp. with my mom's cookies!  She was baking when I arrived at her house this morning and oh, I love that!  Reminds me of when I was little.  I would get home from school to find mom baking and that awesome scent floating around in the house! 

But since the cookies aren't ready yet, Let Them Eat Cake!!!  I told you I was into Marie Antoinette.  Well, I made a Marie Antoinette Blank Journel:

Marie Antoinette Blank Journal

Isn't this cool?  Lot's of places to use glitter on here!  These do take awhile.  I really had no idea how time consuming they were.  The front and backs are covered as are the inside covers.  I always do a sweet little envelope and a matching bookmark.  I'm wanting to make some fabric journal covers.  Would give me a chance to run my sewing machine!

This Blank Journal is a custom order.  It's for a little girl so my client didn't want a ton of glitter on it:

Little Girls Journal

The only glitter on this journal is on the vintage card that I used.  I figured the card is at least 50 years old.  If the glitter stayed on that long, it's not going to go anywhere now!

So while I was making journals, mom was making more Tussy Mussy's:

Pink with Blue Angel Tussy Mussy

All Pink Angel Tussy Mussy

St Patricks Day Tussy Mussy

I just love these!  And my mom is so into mixed media now!  I never expected it from her.  She's always been so traditional.  She asked me to bring her more of my Somerset Studio magazines and some of my Cottage Style decorating magazines.  I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.  Not that I think of my mom as old because I don't.  We're actually like 2 little kids playing with the craft supplies!

In other news, I've noticed a bit more improvement regarding this horrible depression that I've been living with.  Mornings and evenings are still not good but, I noticed the past couple of days, that I feel a bit more on the planet.  It still goes back and forth but I know that feeling grounded will eventually take over and stay put.

I'll tell you, this whole depression thing has been like living in a Stephen King novel.  And now I know where he comes up with all that weird stuff.  He suffers from severe depression.  Edgar Allen Poe had severe Bi-Polar.  He's another one with the weirdo stories and due to my experience the past year, I could write some of that creepy stuff too but I'd rather not remember it.  I really prefer to think of fuzzy little fluffy things like puppies, kitties, birds and butterflies! 

I'm told, in time, that I will forget much of this experience.  I say thank God for that!  Quite honestly though, I would find it hard to believe that someone who went through this would not be changed by it.  I've been dealing with depression all my life and didn't even know.  The "off the charts" anxiety was always obvious to me but the depression wasn't.  It's my severe anxiety that goes with my ADD that causes the depression.  Still, I've never had an episode like this before.  And don't care to ever go through it again.

I'm off to run that Kitchenaid!


SandyG said...

You Go Girl!!! Bake, bake, bake to your heart's content! I love cookies and chocolate, too. Yumm! I am so happy you are feeling improvement-hang on, it's going to get better (or over with)I also am so happy for you and your Mom - what a special time for both of you!!!!

Froggy said...

Depression is a horrible tiger whose tail is very hard to catch. I wish you very best of luck with that. My mother suffers from it but refuses to believe it or go to the doctor. I know a lot of the anquish she goes through (rightly too as she is nearly 70 and carer for 3 mentally handicapped young persons!) could be better handled by changing her outlook, so you are very much in my prayers.

I do love baking, although I don't get time to do much, and would LOVE a really good choc chip recipe but haven't managed to find a good one yet. Post a pic for me to drool over tomorrow when you bake them!


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