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Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Little Bit Of Stitching

I started on the "simple" cellphone pouch that my mom asked me for:

Cellphone Pouch For Mom

I expect to have some stitching time tomorrow so I'll add some beads to it and hopefully, get it assembled during the week.

Marilyn asked about how I attach jewelry, brooches and shank buttons to my CQ's. For brooches and small pins, if they are in excellent condition, I pin them on and whip stitch over the pin on the back to keep them in place. Sometimes I buy pieces that have a damaged pinback so then I cut the pinback off with wire cutters and just sew them down. If there is no way to sew them down, I sew on a few small plain buttons and glue the piece to the buttons using E-6000 Jewelry Glue. This is a good way to use tack pins as well.

For shank buttons, I usually just sew them on. Since I usually do clusters of buttons, the others will keep the shank button from flopping around.

A good option if you want to cut the shank off so that it doesn't flop around, would be to do that, then sew down a plain button and glue the other button to the plain button using the jewelry glue. I've done this with antique buttons where the shank is missing.


Kim said...

Very pretty, Pam. Love the pink and blue combination AND the butterfly!


Sabii Wabii said...

I am so taken by the work you do and the work the group does...beautiful

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