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Thursday, June 19, 2008

June Take It Further Challenge - Day 2

Thank you everyone for your kind comments regarding my dad's recovery. I truly appreciate the support that I've had from my readers over the past few months. I know things have been a bit slow here and I've lost quite a few of my daily readership but things should be a bit more consistent now.

I'm still working on closets and cupboards. As you know, my husband & I intend to have our Queen Anne Victorian style dream house built. The Universe hasn't shown us the way yet but our current course of action is to get our things in order. If anyone feels like sending out some prayers or positive energy to the Universal Mind for our intention, it would be so much appreciated!

I did some more stitching on my Take It Further block for June:

June TIF Block

The seams are covered so now I can start with some beading. And I'm off to do that until my husband gets home from work!


Allison Ann Aller said...

This is going to be the MOST amazing quilt....and the house WILL happen, no doubt about it.

Kim said...

I will be thinking encouraging thoughts. I know how much you want your Victorian home.


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