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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update On Button Blocks

I finished up on this button block yesterday:

Button Block 13

After pulling the waste canvas out from under that leaf border at the top, I found that the leaves didn't show up well. The color I used looked fine before I started stitching. I solved the problem by outlining the leaves with 1 strand of DMC black embroidery floss. Now they show up just fine!

I was asked, "what is the best way to sew on buttons?" Well, I use 2 strands of bead thread and I go through each button several times. In fact, I use bead thread to attach almost everything. The only exception is for lace and trim. I use sewing thread in a coordinating color to attach those but for everything else, bead thread is the best choice. If sewing thread is used to attach beads and other do-dads, it will eventually loosen up due to the weight of the items whereas bead thread stays put!

This is my next block:

Button Block 14

I'm thinking of working the borders with burnt orange and rust. I have a beautiful new Watercolor thread from The Caron Collection and I think it will work nicely against these light yellow-greens.


patternnuts said...

The greens look gorgeous! My favorite shades!!!!!

Susan said...

The blue block is very pretty. I like your problem solving with the black thread. My favorite seam is the one in the lower left, though. The greens block will be pretty. I love the look of it.

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