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Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day!

I wish I could say that it's a beautiful day for baseball. Unfortunately, it's cloudy, rainy, dreary & damp. On the news this morning, they did say that the Cubbies should be able to get their opening day game in. Whew! For over a month now, I've been counting the days for baseball season to start!

My dear husband has already set the TV to change the channel to WGN at 12:30 my time. I will be parked on my sofa and will start the beading on this block during the game:

Button Block 14


Cherry said...

me too me too me too Go Cubbies Lost your email address when my old computer went. boo hoo It is pouring here now so it should get to Chicago early enough to let the game go on. Absolutely love all your little blocks. They are gorgeous.

June said...

The Burnt orange and rust are stunning against the greens. Can't wait to see what buttons you will use on this one.

patternnuts said...

Beautiful work!
I hope it's a great game. WInter just doesn't want to let up here; it's snowing again. *sigh

Allison Ann Aller said...

Fantastic patterns here!
The Dodgers' opener is on ESPN in about 40 minutes. We plan to "Be Part of It"!

Susan said...

Hope your cubbies do well today! Yuck on the weather, though.

I absolutely love the seam on the right. That is just so unusual looking and elegant.

I've struggled lately to keep up with the blogs and not done a very good job of it. I always know there will be some lovely thing when I come to yours, though.

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